Layon by Preta

Por: Conceição Rodrigues Layon

Art is not a reflection of the world, nor is it a choice of its most beautiful segments, it is an unrestrained act of transforming the world into splendor.

In these 32 years we have been married, I have always heard my husband say that if he was not a visual artist he wouldn’t be anything else, as he was professionally accomplished and loved art above everything else in life.

The artist, says Rilke about Rodin in his book “Beauty will save the world”, is the one who is charged with turning many things into only one and, from the smallest thing, creating the world.

For my husband, it was easy to balance his personal and work life, because, as they say, life imitates art – or the other way around, doesn’t really matter. He made his life into art. Conservative, as all artists, he paints every day at the same time and sculpts in the pauses between one project and another.

Tzvetan also said the artist must treat his life as a fine art, for life has its refined masterpieces. That all men should imitate artists, not by producing works of art, but by making their lives beautiful. It is in this moment that we can also observe what distinguishes the artist from Jesus Christ. The first one dedicates his life to produce works of art, and the latter made his life into a work of art.

According to my husband, the greatest work of art he has created in these 32 years of being with me were our daughters, Angélica and Aline Layoun.