Painting as a Vivid Dream

Por: Ângelo Oswaldo de Araújo Santos

Elias Layon shows his mastery of painting in his visit to Casa dos Contos by registering each angle of the building. Unlike the painter sitting in front of the cathedral to capture the light, he contemplates the different sides, surprises details and perspectives of the monumental building, wanders all rooms, crosses corridors and patios. He then composes a series of perceptions in which his concise and agile movement reveals yet again the assertive trans-creator of historical settings.

Urged by Eugênio Ferraz, guardian of João Rodrigues de Macedo’s house, to paint the most elegant pieces of grand architecture in the colonial collection, Layon pays a unprecedented homage to the old farmhouse of the Real Fazenda in Ouro Preto. The author’s fascination with the theme can be felt. The complicit way in which he sees the splendid manor opens doors, rapidly multiplying images that surround the watcher and takes their breath away. That is where the variation of color, the tension of the strokes and the expressionist cut come from.

Much like the mountain on the painter’s canvas, the Casa dos Contos is now a painting. Layon frees his image in the pictorial universe in which the liturgy of color is translated. The artist celebrates his magical ability to capture what is visible in a dream that at once becomes real. We enter this dream, enjoying the beauty and its myth.